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1. Home Theaters

Nothing adds to family time or to fellowship with friends and neighbors as having a home theater. Celebrations are best and people invent reasons to do so.

2. Security & Fire Safety

We know that when you and your family is feeling safe and comforted, life just seems to go better. We back our systems up with a 24 hour central monitoring station.

3. Automatic Gate Opening

Part of feeling secure in your own private castle is the assurance that only those with permission can gain entrance to the kingdom.

4. Home Automation

Home automation has come of age. Most folks love the idea of the peace of mind to keep tabs on the castle from anywhere in the world via mobile devices such as your smart phone or tablet.

Creekside is the Authority

In our considerations regarding our fire and security alarm systems, we have been debating going with Creekside vs. one of your competitors. We have decided to go with Creekside, mostly based on your exceptional customer service. After much debate we have decided to go with your proposal including the Total Connect Service. If possible, let us schedule work at our cabin when I am there at the cabin. - Mike C

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